What does "Fulfilled by Printful" mean?  What is "Print-on-Demand"?

You will notice all the products on this site, for now, are "Fulfilled by Printful".

Basically - I don't have an inventory. When you order something, it will be printed to order and sent to your doorstep. Printful handles all that.

This works for me. Most people try to make money with T-Shirts by printing huge numbers at low costs. A lot of that ends up in the landfill.

I'm telling very local stories here. In some cases, I honestly don't know whether even five people would be interested. Print-on-demand allows me to tell small stories and experiment with designs without worrying about needing to sell 50.

It allows me to offer you a wide range of products, sizes, and colors without any of the overhead and equipment and facilities that would normally require. I can focus on the creative stuff.

Don't worry - I have gone to great lengths to ensure that the designs will look great on the products you order, and will be delivered as promised. I'll stand by that as surely as if you bought it on Princess Street.

I am a maker at heart, and I have plans in the works for a variety of handmade boutique items as well. If you'd like to see that, please be patient. And maybe buy a T-Shirt for now.

Wait a second - are you allowed to sell products with these old logos? Aren't they someone else's designs?

A couple notes here - first, none of the designs on this site are scans or copies.

Some are completely original. Designs based on historic brands have been carefully recreated based on reference images in order to make files suitable for printing. That is a lot of work.

Also, I have taken great pains to ensure that I have not infringed on anyone's intellectual property. As far as I can tell, all the trademarks are long expired and this stuff exists in the public domain.

If I'm wrong about that - no need to sic your lawyers on me. Just ask - I will cease and desist. 

Finally, and I mean this seriously: how much money do you think I am going to make selling Orange Meat T-Shirts? 


I have been very selective about the options to display in the store, taking into account product availability to ensure fast delivery times. But there are a virtually unlimited range of products you could theoretically choose from, especially if you don't mind waiting an extra week or two. Let me know what you have in mind and I will provide an instant quote and estimated turnaround time.

Do you do custom work or consulting?

I love doing custom work. I believe strongly that good research and design should benefit very local communities as well as corporations. I am especially happy to get involved with local events and organizations which benefit the community, with a quick logo, T-Shirt, or other product -  or something more ambitious. 

As you also may have gathered, I love old documents, advertising, products, restoring old photos and other ephemera.  Many service clubs, local museums, small businesses and private individuals are sitting on collections of fascinating material. 

I can help mine that material to create digital products that can be shared, celebrated, and (if you want) printed on T-Shirts or other products. Let's talk.